Kalashnikov created the first smart-gun

The Kalashnikov concern has created the first smart-gun in Russia that can be synchronized with gadgets, the holding's press service reported.
"The first SMART-gun in an innovative design! A unique development based on a reliable smooth-bore shotgun MP-155 with the ability to synchronize with gadgets. The novelty will be presented at the Army-2020 forum," Vkontakte said in a statement .
I imagined - a hunter (who also happens in social networks) - makes a shot using a sight integrated with the "gadget". And from it he directly spreads a series like "here's the boar before", "here I am shooting" "here the boar falls" ... And so on. 
No benefit, but vanity will amuse ("posted - it was, did not post it - it was not") 
You look, someone needs just that ...


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