Kalashnikov began work on a new machine gun

Concern "Kalashnikov" by order of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation began the development of a new light machine gun. The project was named RPL-20. - During military tests of an experimental batch of RPK-16 machine guns - including their combat use - the Ministry of Defense was able to clarify the requirements for this type of weapon. Work on the RPK-16 was carried out on an initiative basis, but now we are engaged in the creation of a light machine gun already within the framework of the state defense order, - the head of the concern Dmitry Tarasov told RIA Novosti.
The RPL-20 prototype will be presented at the Army-2020 forum. Earlier, a source in the military-industrial complex said that following the results of tests of the RPK-16, a number of proposals and comments were formed, which will be taken into account when creating a new machine gun. "RPK-16 does not allow the implementation of decisions that are very important for servicemen," the agency's source said.
RPK-16 was first shown to the public at the Army-2017 forum. The machine gun is based on the design of the AK-12 assault rifle, but has an increased firing range and density of automatic fire, allowing you to shoot both from a stop (bipod) and from hands. Its main difference from machine guns and previous versions of Kalashnikov light machine guns is the ability to change the barrel. The weapon uses standard 5.45 mm cartridges, 30 and 45-round box magazines, and a 95-round drum magazine.


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